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The reminisce of the calm and tranquility of the As tola Island in Balochistan,  inspired  us to sketch the soothing tones of this dress as it adds to the tranquility of the fall and winter season. Perfectly suited as either a morning or evening wear, the shirt is richly adorned with a lattice of trellis embroidery in muted white. Keeping it simple yet striking we paired it with an organza net dupatta, with an embroidery border that compliments the overall look. To complete the serene effect, we recommend a muted white trouser.

  • Color: Ferozi

    Embroidered Organza Net Dupatta 2.50 Meters

    Embroidered Cotton Shirt Front 1.25 Meters

    Solid Dyed Cotton Back 1.25 Meters

    Embroidered Cotton Sleeves 0.75 Meters